Pitman 2 - A colourful puzzler that is coming to the ColecoVision May 2023! (Preorder Today!)

Another news announcement and yet again another upcoming release that will challenge your brains possibly to frustration, is Under4Mhz's new Puzzler called Pitman II: A colorful COLECOVISION game in which you need to collect all the diamonds in each of the many levels, while also trying not to be crushed by boulders, or getting stuck in a hole. So think of a puzzle game that has some similarities to Boulder Dash albeit with a lot more thinking required!

While the game is still in development and isn't due for a release until May 2023, although you can pre-order today. Here is what the website says about the game in short " Inspired by Boulder Dash, Pitman requires you to collect all the diamonds in a level to move on to the next. Your character can climb ladders and push blocks. Armed with these two abilities alone, he must collect all the diamonds present in each of the 100 levels that make up the game. Beware, if he falls into a hole or gets crushed by a block, he loses a life! You will need to think and be patient to solve the puzzles concocted for the occasion ".

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  1. That game is a COPY of the Baba's Palace for Amstrad

    1. Rather, both games ar copies of the Game Boy game Catrap.

    2. Catrap is practically Pitman in Japan.


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