Jack Dragon - An all new arcade experience for the ZX Spectrum home computer!

Not to be left behind with all the latest Amiga and C64 titles we've featured lately, it's time for the ZX Spectrum to get in on the retro gaming fun, as we've recently found out through Facebook, that PsychicParrot has released a new ZX Spectrum game called 'Jack Dragon'; a game in which you need to collect all of the gem pieces (shown as little round things) to progress to the next level. In light of this news, we have some footage of the game being played below.

Here is what the developer says about the game " Gameplay is similar to the arcade classic 'Bomb Jack'. Collect all of the gem pieces (shown as little round things) to progress to the next level. Avoid touching the nasties. Collect the snowflake power up to freeze enemies in place (you are an ice dragon, after all!). On easy and medium difficulty modes, you can pass through enemies when they are frozen. On hard difficulty setting, you cannot pass through them. Tap the jump key to fly, then when you are in the air you can tap the jump key multiple times to glide". And that's all there is to say about the game, so head on over to the link below and check it out! :)

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  1. Very smooth movement with a graphic style that plays well to the Spectrum's strengths and looks fun to play to boot. One to look out of I think.


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