NewsStand v1.0.1 - A lovely looking game for your C64 by AGPX and Phobos

What a news story we have for you all this morning, as thanks to a heads up from our good friend Saberman, we've just been informed that AGPX and Phobos has released the latest version of his lovely looking Commodore 64 game of 'NewsStand'; A game that is set in the 80's in which you play as Joseph and must collect money in order to buy cassette tapes with the legendary games for the C64. To coincide with this news update, Saberman has also done a video of the game in action shown below.

Here is what the website says about the game. "NewsStand is a new game for Commodore 64 (made by AGPX and Phobos), in which our hero Joseph has to collect the money in order to buy cassette tapes with the legendary games for the C64, but many enemies will try to stop him! In Italy, in the 80s, these cassettes were sold on newsstands and it was a thrill every time to return home and try them all. In memory of those magical moments, we made this video game".

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  1. Graphics and game design by Phobos (AGPX).

  2. Thanks (AGPX)

  3. Looks great. It has that 80s vibe

  4. looks great. Great work... what memories. Greetings from Italy

  5. I've very fond memories from the early-1990s of cycling to my local shopping center and buying the Zzap!64 magazine each month. I'd bring the mag to the shop counter and ask for the cassette tape that came with it (they always kept them separate). The excitement and anticipation on my cycle home to read the mag and play the full games and demos on my good old C64. Happy days that I'd love to go back to.

    1. Happy days indeed! I spent lots of my money back in those days, in W.H. Smith's, hunting through the eclectic mix of budget games on their shelves, or if I was luckier, spending some birthday money on more expensive releases like Platoon in Boots the chemists in the town centre (I still own that very same copy of Platoon too, with a £9.99 hand written price sticker on the front of the box :-D ).

      They are days i'd love to go back to aswell, simpler times for sure, and much more fun....we didn't know just how bloody good we had it back then, pre internet, and pre mobile phones!! Keep it retro mate!!


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