Adventure 1 - A love letter to 'AVVENTURA 1' a fantasy adventure game for the C64

We've mentioned a number of text based adventure games on Indie Retro News, from games such as Venganza and Spooky Adventure, to Knight Orc and Masquerade. But now another game has appeared which will appeal to gamers who like those sort of games, as we've been told by a good friend of ours, that MAT64 has released the text based adventure game of Adventure 1 for the C64; A love letter to 'AVVENTURA 1', which is a fantasy adventure game from back in the day.

Here is what the creator says about Adventure 1. "This is a love letter to 'AVVENTURA 1' a fantasy adventure game from Alessandro Castellari written in 1983. I've adapted it in English with the purpose to preserve and share it to everyone. I also took the opportunity to revamp some of my tunes for my favorite R3, a SID 6581 made in 1983. Hope you like it". And that's all there is to say about the game, so hit that link below and check it out :).

Links :1) Source 2) Download


  1. Wonderful stuff! Any chance of the Conan "mod" from Commodore Club 2 getting similar attention? And oh what a pipe dream, perhaps an expansion on that Conan castle graphics looking more like Buscema stuff...or a rendition of the 'Cantiga 166' from the Tower of Set! Ok, enough wishful thinking...The important thing: good job! Really cool initiative! Finding this just made my day and I'll pester all my friends to try this classic bit of early italian computing dungeoncrawl!

  2. I will pick these types of classic RPG’s over Elden Ring any day. This game holds up well and has an impressive amount of depth and options.

  3. Over Elden Ring? Thats a bold statement indeed ;)


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