CyberPunks 2 by Mutation Software for the Commodore Amiga, will be released today! [UPDATE]

It was only just the other day that we featured the demo of Mutation Software's latest creation of 'Cyberpunks 2'. The sequel to a top down shooter that was also released for the Amiga developed by Mutation and published by Core Design way back in 1993. Well if you've been following all of our previous announcements for the sequel with inclusive screenshots and videos, you'll be pleased to know that at some point during today, Cyberpunks 2 by Mutation Software will be released for the Amiga AGA and CD32! To coincide with this news story, you can see some footage of the demo being played by Saberman.

As we said before, this new game of Cyberpunks 2, which we were informed about through our good friend Tony via the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, is not only the sequel to CyberPunks, but it also features up to 2 player fun, 3 protagonists, multiple levels with high quality detail, addictive gameplay as you battle deadly enemies and big bosses, a cool intro, and plenty of kick ass action to keep you busy throughout. So yes if the game interests you and you want to buy either the big box edition or the upcoming digital download, check it out via the website below.

Links :1) Source ( Demo and all versions of the game are now LIVE )


  1. and let's go!

  2. A CD32 version, very nice! Count me in.

  3. OUCH $40 to ship to the US, shipping was more than the game!

    1. Frustratingly prices have shot up for delivery costs for anything that comes in a box. I was going to sell an old Amiga game I had but the price of postage was more than it was selling for. I prefer to stay in the uk now. Although even that's getting too much.

  4. i guess the choice for aga was because ecs is a bit limited for dual playfield?

  5. It does have a Shadowrun vibe. It is inspired by it ?

  6. Purchased this game recently and played it for the first time tonight. Good fun, straight forward game with very nice graphics and great music.


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