Spellbound - An Iconic game by David Jones arrives on the MSX!

For those of you looking for some great MSX news, then look no further! As just moments ago we were contacted by one of our friends in the MSX community, that the iconic 1980's game of Spellbound by David Jones, which is the prequel to other great games such as 'Knight Tyme' and 'Stormbringer'. Has been released for the MSX via the Mastropiero itch io page. As in the words of the website "The day has come. Spellbound for MSX has been released (as a Release Candidate, though)". To coincide with this great news update, we also have some footage of the game in action below.

As ever here is an in-depth write about the game which was provided via the itch io page. "Spellbound is a video game that was designed and programmed by David Jones with music by Rob Hubbard and released in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC (also with Ed Hickman) home computers.  It is the second game in the Magic Knight series. Unlike the other Magic Knight games, Spellbound was never released for the MSX system back in 1985. This MSX port has been developed in 2023 with the sole intention of completing the series for our beloved MSX standard".

"The copyright of Spellbound still belongs to David Jones who has kindly approved this release on Itch.io.  Rob Hubbard's publisher has also granted permission to use the original music. If you find a copy of this game somewhere else, it might not be legal.  Please, ask David Jones (the original author and copyright owner) for explicit consent if you are willing to publish or make this game available outside this page".

Links :1) Website  2) Wikipedia


  1. How odd, I thought I remembered playing this on MSX but obviously that's impossible! Must have been the C64 version!

    1. Maybe you remember playing Knight Tyme or Stormbringer (that were ported to the MSX system).


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