GothicVania - A rather impressive Castlevania inspired Tech Demo for the Amiga

Here on Indie Retro News we've certainly had our fair share of Castlevania fan games! We've had the more recent release of Maria Renard's Revenge and the in-dev Akumajou Dracula AGA for the Amiga. Well here we are with yet ANOTHER Amiga news story, as Saberman was kind enough to let us know earlier today, that he has done a new video of the rather lovely looking Castlevania inspired Demo of 'GothicVania'; A tech demo which has been created using Earok's excellent Scorpion Engine.

While GothicVania is a rather nice triple parallax tech demo, and we are unsure if it will ever be created into a full game (it would be nice!). From what we do know however, is that it was created by Toolkitman as the first attempt using Earok's amazing Scorpion Engine; a constantly updated piece of software that gives developers the tools to create graphically impressive games, running at decent frame rates even on the lowest spec'd Amigas.

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  1. This looks great!

  2. It reminds me of "Dragon's Kingdom",a never released game from my contry,Italy.Of course i'm talking about the Amiga version and not about the differenti and released c64 version which was,instead,a clone of ghosts'n goblins

  3. impressive animations and colour

  4. As Erik by Scorpion Engine Patreon that i'm supporter say i'm not the developer of the project i have found the source by Erik in Scorpion Engine and compiled it after some try with two different tools of scorpion engine.

    1. Sarebbe davvero bello sviluppare pienamente un titolo cosí! Come scrivevo sopra sembra molto simile alla demo del mai pubblicato dragon's kingdom per Amiga.....

  5. In the while we wait a complete game I have developed two new derivative from the demo of Erik changing graphics, was a big work od drawing dont looks so grat but can be someone like it! You know i;m new at this tool!!! PAC-Vania Stick Enjoy!


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