Guardian The legend of Flaming Sword - Upcoming Amiga platformer by Yoz Montana gets a demo tease!

June has certainly been jam packed with Amiga news, with games being mentioned such as Nightshift, Rogue Declan: Zero , Galaxian 500, and even our personal favorite Hamlet. Well here's another game that is going to get a feature, and that's Yoz Montana's upcoming Amiga platformer of 'Guardian - The Legend of Flaming Sword'; a game developed using the RedPill Game Engine that is being coded for both Amiga ECS and Amiga AGA Systems.

Video Provided by Yoz Montana

Video Provided by Saberman

Although there isn't a lot to go on, from what we can see in the videos above provided by both Saberman and Yoz Montana. The main game will feature multiple levels, a copper gradient with 256 image palette colours, 16 colour backgrounds, extra depth in details, sound effects, different types of enemies, collectable fruit, the power to shoot things, and the ability to surf the waves! So yes certainly a game worth looking out for, and it will be interesting to see how it performs considering it was created using the rather slow performing RedPill.

Links :1) Website 2) Discussion


  1. ohhhh slow... :(

    1. In the video, Saberman used Amiga1200/8MB FAST RAM.
      The gameplay is built on an 040 architecture therefore for a better gaming experience, it is recommended to use an 040 or higher.

    2. Thank you - Glad I posted TWO videos now. As there is a big difference between the too. 040 and higher is still a high recommendation though. Another reason why I dislike Redpill. Nothing wrong with the game, but the engine used.

  2. Replies
    1. High requirements, top video is better but requires a 040 or higher

  3. Excellent but lose the pet lol

  4. This "developer" isn't going to release any finished product.
    Still asking for money from his patreon/ tho...
    Here's a list of projects he launched and never release d- or just selling "demos" :
    - Quandrant 17 - (never released)
    - FIGHT (never released)
    - Snaky (officially cancelled - still selling demo!)
    - SUPERMiniJu (new project)
    - Guardian - TLOFS (demo only)

    1. Do you have his patreon address?

  5. Sorry but this is so slow. All Redpill games are slow... You should use Scorpion engine instead which seems to run more smoothly.


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