NightShift - A Hi-Res HAM8 Adventure game for the Commodore Amiga by Eclectic Imaginations

Another great piece of news has just hit our inbox, as if you're looking for a new adventure game to play right now, and a good looking one at that! Then thanks to a heads up via Saberman, we've just learnt that you can download and play the Commodore Amiga game of Night/Shift by Eclectic Imaginations: A thoughtful and inspiring fusion of dystopia and nostalgia in an Amiga-exclusive adventure exploration game that can be seen in this very latest footage sent to us also by Saberman.

While there is very little to go on about the game, from what we can tell from the game features however, is that it doesn't just have Hi-Res HAM8 graphics! But 70 visitable / explorable locations, OS-friendly implementations both multitasking-capable and screen-draggable, is optimized for widescreen display, and requires a real or emulated Amiga with AGA (or SAGA) chipset, 2 MB Chip RAM, AmigaOS 3.x and 23 MB free harddisk space! So yes if you have some free time this evening, make sure to check out Night/Shift by Eclectic Imaginations.

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  1. I'm loving this new trend of HAM games. This is obviously not as technically impressive as Hamulet, but it's great nonetheless. BTW, is this the first HAM8 game on the Amiga? I know the mode has been used in some cases for title screens, but nothing beyond that.

    1. I admit that I'm a bit slow at getting the latest Amiga games development news, so I had to look Haminet up, and I must say, it's nothing short of impressive. That said, I prefer this title - because it's an adventure, the genre I so sorely miss on my beloved Amiga.

  2. Just want to check it out yesterday and couldnt stop to play for maybe an hour or more. The screens are so damn beautiful. I also like the story very much so far. Well written. And the atmosphere is pretty tense. The music and sfx for almost every screen does support perfectly the feeling. I suggest the only critic point i see so far is that it could be to linear.

  3. This looks excellent, but I have to ask: are the graphics AI generated? I wouldn't mind even if they are, given the fact that the title is free of charge.

  4. Atmosphere is good and gfx is nice! A more visible mouse pointer would help ;)

  5. Can you play this on the mini Amiga 500? It does not seem to work?


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