Pengo - Another Arcade to Amiga conversion is coming via JOTD!

Those Arcade to Amiga conversions just keep on coming, as after just announcing the awesome game that is Rygar, along comes JOTD with his newest of creations of Pengo! Yes indeed this 1982 game by SEGA, which I had the pleasure of playing back in the day, is coming to the Amiga by the same creator who also did Super Xevious 1200 as well as the upcoming Galaxian 500 and Karate Champ. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a short video of the Alpha version of the game being played.

Here is what JOTD said via the EAB post located (here). "Another project taking shape: Sega 1982 Pengo Never really ported properly except on megadrive & maybe C64. This time, this is a 1:1 arcade port using of course the original Z80 code that I reverse-engineered & transcoded to 68000. I started this project in 2010 after Bagman SDL Windows remake, wanting to do Pengo on SDL/Windows, but got tired of it. I dug out the work that I had one with the reverse-engineered code and it was really good specially in the A.I. section (the only part that interested me at the time). I tried to RE the game more, specially the mundane sections like text display, etc.. and something was running pretty quickly after converting to 68000 using my z80268k tool (like done for Galaxian)."

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  1. Gracias es unos de mis juegos favoritos

  2. This I wanted to see. Martinsoft Pengo was really good and has been out for a long time. Good to see the arcade version finally make it to the Amiga. It’s just not an accessible game anymore so good to see it ported to a system that would make a perfect arcade port.

  3. Yeah this game didn’t get ported much nor did it get the attention it deserved. Megadrive and Game Gear had ports and the C64 was really good back in the day. It seems like it had much more clones than ports. Pango on the PC was one I played. Hopper on the Texas Instruments Home Computer was really well done. Don’t Pull from Capcom was another Pengo clone that came out years later. Glad to be seeing one arcade classic after another being ported to the Amiga.


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