Polymer Picker - Clear the Ocean from Rubbish in this BBC Micro game from Stephen Scott

The retro games just keep on coming, as thanks to another heads up earlier this week from our good friend Liqmatrix, he has told us that Stephen Scott has made available through itch io, his latest game creation for the BBC MICRO of Polymer Picker: A game in which you have to clear the local coastline from all the discarded plastic that is harming the aquatic wildlife! To coincide with this news, you can check out some footage of the game being played by the creator below.

Here's what the video description says about Polymer Picker which looks to have been released (not on itch io) back in 2021/22 : "A quick playthrough of my 2022 BBC Micro game Polymer Picker. Move your diver character through the oceans, collecting rubbish, before the fish eat them and die. Alternate levels involve you having to avoid a rather hungry shark. In later levels, you will have to contend with poisonous fish, and the shark at the same time. Touching either will reduce your oxygen level".

"Swimming faster consumes more oxygen, but you have one opportunity to get a refill by swimming under your boat to collect it. Development took place on and off between October 2021 until December 2022, and was ultimately reliant on the input and goodwill of users of the Stardot Acorn computer forum. Thank you to those of you who contributed to its development. Hope you enjoy it :-)".

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  1. Nice to see a new BBC game

    1. yes ; it's very nice ...look here https://www.bbcmicro.co.uk/?search=2023&on_Y=on


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