Agonman - An upcoming Amiga AGA/OCS game developed using the RedPill game engine

Saberman has just informed us through Facebook, that a new game play video has been shown for the previously announced Amiga game of 'Agonman' by PixorraGames. A game which puts you in the boots of Johnny, that has to battle dangerous monsters and a winged demon to return to his own time and the defence of the Earth. In light of this news, you can either view the video below or check out the game which is downloadable as a name your own price.

The team behind "Agonman" has noted that this is a platform game that brings together a lot of different elements, including some modified graphics from the game "Agony", of which the author made public both the source code of the game itself, as well as its resources, making the game freeware. The game which is which is supposed to be a nod to Psygnosis and developed using RedPill, requires a 68020 and 1.5-2MB of RAM, although a 68030 and some FAST RAM is recommended. (f you run the OCS version on an Amiga AGA you will see a better gradient on parallax backgrounds).

Update Agonman version v.099 AGA / OCS

  • -Added AGA OCS background parallax color gradient L1, L3 and Boss 2.
  • -Improved jump accuracy and platform-tiles are better adjusted.
  • -Shortcuts to get to the exit faster (L1), but you won't see all the mapping and logos.
  • -Rolling stone is now easier to avoid, L1 and L3.
  • -Extra bullet balls added in level 1 (one is invisible, try to make it visible).
  • -When you die, RIP animation stays for a few seconds.
  • -Exit indicators on level 3.
  • -Reworked Boss Dragon stage.
  • -Easier ramps up and down in Level 3.
  • -Bomb blast kills you if you are in the same place. Level 2.
  • -Less blind jumps. Player drop speed is almost equal to vertical scroll.
  • -Added and changed some sounds.
  • -Other minor changes and fixes.
  • -Compiled with Redpill 0926.

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  1. Reads 'Redpill'; slaps forehead..

  2. Reads 'Redpill'; is happy that someone made a new game :) Just look elsewhere if you're allergic to this type of software, no need to be negative!

    1. normally i'd agree but Redpill (and Backbone) are awful engines that run super slow and really should be retired. it's a shame these devs don't use the far faster Scorpion instead. It's disheartening to see a simple platform games running slow even on an A1200 when we've seen the A500 run similar games far faster.

  3. I always appreciate a new game being created, but this looks sooooo sloooow. The main character has a 'running' animation, but is moving at slower than walking pace. It just looks really sluggish, which I think could be greatly improved by picking up the pace just a little. Also it does not look anywhere near like a game that would require those specs, which might be the fault of the engine. It looks like those OCS games where everything is in 8 shades of grey-brown.


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