Octopus 21 - An improved 1981 Game and Watch Handheld game for the GX4000 and Amstrad CPC+

The 1980's Game and Watch Handheld throw backs just keep on coming, as we've recently been informed by our good friend XeNoMoRPH, that the previously released Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 game of 'Octopus' by AYOR61 and team, has been improved with a fantastic intro, soundtrack and so so much more! To coincide with this news, both Saberman and XeNoMoRPH have provided a video, giving us a glimpse of this 1981 Game and Watch title for the Amstrad and GX4000.

According to the wikipedia for the game : Octopus, known as Mysteries of the Sea and Mysteries of the Deep in the United Kingdom, is a Game & Watch game released as part of the Wide Screen series in July 16, 1981. In this game, the player must get as much gold as they can. However, they must watch out for the Octopus near the treasure because if they touch its arms, they lose a life. Losing all three lives results in a Game Over. Octopus also appears as a minigame in Game & Watch Gallery, Game & Watch Gallery 4, and Game & Watch Collection 2. Also, in Game & Watch Collection 2, one game combines this game with Parachute.

  • Screens and GFX : EDDO (Ripped GW Gallery 4) & Cyrille Ayor61
  • Musics : SuTeKH / EpyteoR
  • Code : Cyrille "Ayor61" Gouret      ( GGP Group)
  • Music Credits : 4 Chiptunes by SuTeKH / EpyteoR
  • T.D.K.-Knockerboys
  • Mike-Gibs-Donkey-Kong-Country-Aquatic-Ambience
  • SuTeKH-Egyptian-Slow-Dance
  • SuTeKH - Funky High-Score

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  1. I had this game on soviet handheld branded "Электроника" ("Electronics"). There were also similar games with Mickey Mouse catching eggs, Russian version with wolf from Russian cartoon replacing Mickey, F1 cars.. There were quite a few. This new versions look pretty cool!

  2. what a waste having two teams of talented people ending up doing the same game, the same way, with slight variations...

    A post about this one here without any mentioning the other one there, that's weird :)

  3. I really don't see the point of porting this type of games to 8 bit systems due to their limited playability. They had a place in time and that was the lcd handhelds era porting such basic games to computer systems is a bit pointless imo. For some reason I see a lot of these being released later so I guess i might be wrong and people enjoy them for some reason.

    1. I think it's worth porting and improving the ones that are hard to play in modern times like the bomb seeker one recently. I would love to see a G&W Super Mario Bros & Zelda and the other late games but agree it makes little sense to port the ones that are available in several formats from GB to DS.


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