THE LAST BREW - A family friendly Amstrad CPC game entered into the CPCRETRODEV2023

Here we go again with another CPCRETRODEV2023 entry, as we've been informed just moments ago, that VEC has entered his family friendly game of 'THE LAST BREW' for the Amstrad CPC. A game in which you must protect Zmira from creepy enemies as he brews his potion. To coincide with this news, if this sounds like the sort of game your family would enjoy make sure to check out the gameplay footage Saberman and XeNoMoRPH have provided below.

"The Last Brew is an action game where your goal is to help and protect Zmira while she prepares a potion. Each level becomes progressively more challenging, with increasingly powerful enemies to overcome. As you embark on this mystical journey, the fate of the final brew lies in your hands. Stand by Zmira's side, fend off the relentless hordes, and ensure the completion of the potion that holds the key to confronting a looming threat. Will you rise to the occasion ? Refine your magical prowess and secure a triumphant outcome for Zmira and her last and most crucial brew!".

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  1. Almost family friendly, besides the end of level 2 saying "You got the boner" lol

    1. hahaha oops, maybe it means something else lol :D


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