Tetris 1200 (AGA) - The 1988 Arcade version of Tetris for the Commodore Amiga

If you remember the 1980's hit game of Tetris then you'll be pleased to know that as of this morning, we have been informed that JOTD finally released the 1988 Arcade version of Tetris for the Commodore Amiga 1200. As in the words of the creator "A transcode of Atari Tetris arcade version for 68020/AGA amiga, music is kind of emulated, missing some drums & sfx but it's still really good!". To coincide with this news, not only can you play this awesome looking port right now via itch io, but Saberman has also provided some new gameplay footage too.

Here's what JOTD said about why he created this version for the Amiga, back when it was first announced (Skip this part if you've already read it before). "I consider Tetris Arcade version by Atari the best Tetris version around. It's colored and the music is great. The game used a 6502 CPU and not a Z80. I wrote a converting source tool for 6502 to 68000 as well. Thanks to MAME I could workaround the nasty protection (constant bank switching caused by "slapstic" chip) and unlike my other ports, the project is more a fast emulator than a re-coding. It requires AGA because the original game has 16 banks of 16 colors and a 256 color palette which is - added - dynamic. So ECS port would be quite tricky without rewriting the whole game".

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  1. A perfect port, of a great arcade classic! I never thought such a level of perfection was possible, it practically feels like playing it on the Mame, and instead it's my Amiga 1200! Congratulations on a magnificent job, I look forward to the next miracle!

  2. I wish IRN would show ingame screenshots on all releases.

  3. In a world where there is more RTG users on classic Amigas (thanks to PiStorm and Vampire's) than AGA users (AGA never was success globally and is less than 5-6% of all Amiga's) AGA game development is just waste of time ...

    1. *citation needed. You really think more people have fuctional RTG setups than AGA?


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