Breakthru - A Commodore Amiga conversion/port of a Data East Arcade game has been released!

If you're looking for further Arcade updates on the site, other than the ones we featured previously such as Final Fight Enhanced, Donkey Kong and Trojan, then we have just been told by our good friend Saberman through Facebook, that AcidBottle together with JMD(Audio) has finally released the Arcade to Commodore Amiga game of Breakthru; A 1986 side scrolling shooter by Data East in which you must drive a military vehicle through enemy territory to rescue your PK430 aircraft.

Here's what the website says about the game which was created using the Scorpion Engine. "Breakthru is a horizontal shoot 'em up where the player controls an armed vehicle, with the first button shooting the main gun while the second button is used for jumping. During levels the player must face off against enemy soldiers, turrets and vehicles, as well as various obstacles along the way. The player can run over drums and crates, while other obstacles will cause the player to lose a life, so you must either avoid or jump over them. Keep a look out for powerups that give access to a powerful three-way gun, but time will be limited and you must jump high to obtain them, else they will be captured by the enemy".

Recommended Requirements:

  • 2 button controller (essential requirement)
  • An Amiga with at least 1MB Chip and 1MB of either chip, fast or slow ram.
  • Any cpu at running at 14MHz or better (fast ram and harddrive highly recommend, else you will experience slowdowns)
  • Currently, an Amiga .adf file is available. You can simply drag the disk to your desktop, to install on your hard drive, then run the exe. A WHDLoad installer and CD32 version may be available in the future.
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  1. Sorry about the site text errors! But when the article was being edited, the software crashed in the browser and I wasn't able to stop it from being posted. This has been fixed!

  2. "If I could only reach you, that would really be a breakthruuuu"

  3. I really like these Scorpion Engine projects. Everything from arcade ports to new projects limited memory would not allow back in the day.

  4. it was made with a game engine, so it's pretty normal to require more RAM and CPU power. It's a great achievement. The only things missing are the sound Fx and they're coming...

  5. Great rendition of the arcade game,thanks! And plays well,but with some slowdowns,even on a 500+ with 1mb fast! and now...what's the next?

  6. Really enjoying on an A500 with PiStorm. It's so accurate to the arcade from what I have seen so far. Music is really close too. Sound effects will make it even better.

    1. sfx now added, few bug fixes to in 1.1. enjoy ;)


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