Breakthru - An Amiga port of a Data East Arcade game will be released on the Amiga this February!

We've featured a lot of Arcade to Amiga conversions/ports throughout the years, from the more recent Final Fight Enhanced to Super Xevious, Flying Shark and even Green Beret. Well if you're looking for even more Arcade like updates on the site, then we have just been told by our good friend Tom, that AcidBottle together with JMD(Audio) is still working on the Arcade to Amiga game of Breakthru; A 1986 side scrolling shooter by Data East in which you must drive a military vehicle through enemy territory to rescue your PK430 aircraft.

Here's what Mobygames says about the game which will need a beefed up OCS/ECS machine and a 2 button controller to play. "BreakThru is a 2D side-scrolling vehicle shooter. Your mission: race, jump, and blast your way through five levels (mountains, bridge, plains, city, and airfield) of enemy defenses to recapture the stolen jet fighter. A host of enemy soldiers, mines, vehicles, and aircraft will try to stop you, though. Oh yeah... and don't forget to watch out for those rocket attacks and falling rocks!" 

Minimum recommended spec:

  • OCS/ECS/AGA Amiga 
  • 1MB Chip with 1MB Fast/Slow
  • 020 cpu
  • *Highly recommended to have extra fast ram and SFCard/SDCard/HHD else there will be slowdowns.

Links :1) Discussion 


  1. The arcade ports I want to most are the ones that are no longer accessable. This is yet another exciting one. And it's Data East so it's good.

  2. Wow....LOOONG overdue... I got this game IMMEDIATELY in the 1980's for the C64. Now why on earth does this require a 68020 ????? thats insane. I dont mind if games purposely push the limits of gfx to necesitate a 68020, 030, 060 etc... but this definitely does not need it.

    1. Maybe it's written in Amiga Basic and not compiled ;)

    2. The Scorpion Engine will have some cpu overheads, without it I suspect there would be no one else willing to convert this to Amiga via asm or any other language. A 25mhz 16 colour 1MB OCS version may be do-able but would there really be that much demand? It is what it is :)

    3. The arcade game itself isn't great... if it were ported back in the day like this, but for the 500 with 1mb it still wouldn't be great, as there are many much better horizontal shooters on the Amiga.
      Now that it needs 2 MB and an 020.... suffers from Redpill syndrome

  3. Excellent work. All that's missing is the awesome C64 music!


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