Legend of Wilf - Hayesmaker64 is coding a new game for the Commodore 64, and we can't wait!

We've featured a number of exclusives on Indie Retro News throughout the last few years, but this latest news update for the Commodore 64 is sure to excite! As we've recently been informed via Facebook as a heads up by Hayesmaker64, who is the creator of this upcoming game. That he will be releasing as of next week, 'Legend of Wilf'; a brand new arcade adventure, with roots in classic C64 platformers as a homage to Elite System’s Kokotoni Wilf. To coincide with this exclusive news story, not only do we have some footage of this upcoming game, but we've got some more info direct from Hayesmaker as well!

Legend of Wilf is a brand new arcade adventure, with roots in classic C64 platformers. It is a homage to Elite System’s Kokotoni Wilf, however all the code, graphics, controls and options have been coded from scratch to give the game a more modern feel. Coded by hayesmaker64 - it has taken 3 years of development on and off. And it’s his 2nd C64 game after 2020’s Mario Cement Factory C64.

You play as Tony Wilf, young apprentice to the aged Grand Wizard Ulrich who has discovered the locations of the legendary Dragon Amulet - which has been scattered through time and space. Ulrich still has some tricks up his sleeves, as he tasks Wilf to get the pieces for him - by first granting him the power of flight, and then sending him back to 10 million BC to get the first of the Dragon Amulet pieces. Featuring beautiful chunky multi-colour graphics, great music, over 50 screens and multiple difficulty levels. Can you recover the Dragon Amulet, and save all of Northern Europe? 

In order to compress all the screens, graphics and music into a single load Hayesmaker64 used Tony Savona’s awesome TS Crunch utility: https://github.com/tonysavon/TSCrunch


  • Code: hayesmaker64
  • Music: Stepz and Dmx87
  • Graphics: Stacbats
  • Compression: Tony Savona
  • Testing: Wilf Team

Legend of Wilf will be released as an Easy Flash cartridge, and will work on all C64 stock hardware and will be released on itch.io next week at https://hayesmaker64.itch.io


  1. Not Mitch Honest25 March 2024 at 21:10

    It's not even in black and white?

  2. Looks like it might be fun - but a bit heavy on the pixelization front. Is that intentional?

    1. As in, is it that hard to get a graphics artist?

  3. For me, yes !!!!
    Long Live Retro Arcades. I veri bei tempi ludici sono/erano gli anni 80 !!!!
    Ben vengano giochi di questo livello, senza e ci mancherebbe altro, escludere la grafica di oggi.
    Io sto aspettando che venga rilasciato finalmente il grande WILD WOOD per C64 !!!!!!!!!
    Eterna Vita al C64 !

  4. The screenshots brought a smile to my face :) Will get this next week!


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