Oh Chute! - A new Amstrad Plus and GX4000 game that's well worth a download

It's the Amstrad CPC's turn to have some retro gaming goodness. As if you enjoyed playing games such as such as Foggy's Quest for the Amstrad CPC and GX4000, or Prospector 2024. Then you may just enjoy Cwiiis's latest Amstrad Plus and GX4000 game of 'Oh Chute! A highly entertaining Arcade game in which you need to parachute and land without being hit by the helicopters. To coincide with this news story that was sent to us by Chris Lord, XeNoMoRPH(Youtubber) and @xyphoe(Streamer), you can view the latest footage of the game below.

"You are Ron Danger, stunt person and extreme sports enthusiast. You just can’t get enough of sky-diving, but the local helicopter pilots have had it with your antics and are out to get you… It’s up to you to show them who’s boss! Choose one of four different levels of varying difficulty and see how long you can survive. Sky-diving is hard enough alone, but those darned pilots aren’t going to make it any easier for you. Keep an eye on their movement and choose the right time to open your ‘chute and manoeuvre to one of the designated landing zones".

Links :1) Source 2) Physical Edition


  1. Looks great - love the music!

  2. Lovely backgrounds and music!

  3. Here's the official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrgehzeqwv0
    And here's some 60Hz captured footage (it runs at 50Hz, but if capture at 30Hz it looks a bit janky): https://youtu.be/LsnmniDrQ-M?si=AMcRH_ER3KRak3Xd

    I really should update the screenshots on the itch.io page, they're an older version with a less good-looking gradient :)

  4. Just bought it! Lovely little game!! Hey what emulator are you running on to use the CRT filter?


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