RandomPac - A great tribute to Pac-Man, an arcade game first released by Namco in 1980

More great news this week as looking through the itch io website, we've found out that LC-Games has released the latest game of RandomPac for the Commodore 64. A game that isn't just a tribute to Pac-Man, an arcade game released by Namco in 1980. But this version of the game has procedurally generated mazes and even bonus rounds to enjoy. To coincide with this news, there's some footage of the game that can be watched below.

Originally released in the 1980's as an Arcade game and then ported over to other systems, Pac-Man became one of the most successful American produced games selling over 115,000 cabinets. While many different clones of Pac-Man have appeared over the years, with a large amount appearing on the ZX Spectrum. This version by LC-Games for the Commodore 64 however, is well worth a play with feedback such as "Wow Looks Great" and "Excellent game!.

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  1. 256px verticall scroll frame ..

  2. My presumption is that Pacman was originally on a vertically oriented screen. Would it be possible to do that for this version? I'm assuming that there's an option to rotate the screen 90 degrees somewhere, somehow in an emulator, or that some may have a monitor that rotates also. It's a bit of a edge case for sure, but would be cool. Failing that, there was the spectrum version recently that really looked good and was full screen, couldn't that be replicated on the C64? Other than that, the game looks great and I really like the idea of random mazes.


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