OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - Space Strategy Open Source Remake (0.95.114 released)

 Just a small update for Imperium Galactica Open Source remake which was posted before on Indie Retro News.

Open-IG an Imperium Galactica (1997) remake. It’s an Open-Source project and the game is written in Java, so it’s available for many platforms. The game has been updated to support bigger displays and arbitrary resolutions. The downloaded package contains everything including the videos and an automatic update tool
  • More Russian labels translated and fixed. Thanks to Grigoriev Kirill!
  • Fixed assertion error in Mission 13 (Defend Benson) in case when the player attacked the incoming Garthogs before they reached Benson. (Issue #688)
  • Fixed mislabeling in the shipwalk (Issue #687)

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