Elevator Action - 1983 Retro Remake : Arcade/Platformer/Puzzler

Good afternoon gamers, I tell ya there is nothing worse than waking up to a bad headache!. But anyway it's Remake time!. The game is called Elevator Action released in 1983 and it's a game I remember very well. Basically you are a spy who has must infiltrate a building with a ton of doors and elevators, hence the name. The important documents for the mission are only in the red doors and you as a spy must get to the documents on certain floors and reach the awaiting car near the basement.

 Your character called Otto can shoot at bad guys, kick em, cause them to get crushed in elevators and the best of all shooting lights which causes the light to fall and knock them out. The upside also by shooting lights is it knocks out the entire lighting power system making it difficult to see for them, but be careful they can still kill you. Elevators or Lifts as we call them in the uk can be moved by the character input of UP or DOWN but you must be on said object. Escalators can be used in the same way but so can the enemies. To complete a mission you must collect the documents from the entire building, failing to do so will mean going right back to the top to do it again!.

Regarding the levels, they get much harder as each level is complete. Through more enemies, more elevators/lifts, more red doors and at worst harder enemies so lets see how far you get. Also be warned the game will rush you to finish a level, the background music will increase

  • Retrieve secret documents = 500 points
  • Knock out an agent by falling light = 300 points
  • Crush an agent using elevator = 300 points
  • Knock out an agent by jumping/kicking = 150 points
  • Shoot an agent = 100 points
  • There is a 50 point bonus for shooting/kicking agents on the dark floors or when the lights are shot out.
  • Bonus points are given with completion of each round (1,000 points per round up to a maximum of 10,000 points)

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