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Estranged - Half-life 2 Mod

How about a FPS Mod that is not only for Half-Life 2 but contains a story and has Zombies? Well, that's exactly what we have here, with a game mod called Estranged. Explore the well designed Island and meet the curious inhabitants as you try to find a way back to the mainland.

The story goes that you are a lone fisherman whose ship is stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. But all is not as it seems, this is no Ordinary island, it has Zombies. Although many of us are used to massive Open World Sandbox survival games, this one contains a story and it's single player. Can you make it back to the mainland? Or will you be turned into a Zombie yourself?

Estranged is currently at version Alpha 5 which contains New maps, new scenes, more graphical goodness, and a brand new musical score.


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