DayZ - Where is the Standalone Release?

Rocket has just released some updated information on what the hell is happening with DayZ Standalone, as many of us have been asking, Where is the Standalone release?

Before we get onto that a little bit about DayZ. This mod for Arma 2 is one of the best Online Zombie Apocalypse Survival games you can play. The aim to survive by any means possible, you can be a good guy, by just scavenging the landscape or by looting for food and supplies.

You can even be a Bandit, killing all that stand in your way, which is mostly other survivors(other players).  Watch out for the Zombies though, as they don't care if you're Good or Bad. They will run at you if they see you, they will break your bones or eat your face off. They don't just attack on their own, they will attack in hordes so beware!

DayZ used to be a mod with over a million players, but it was very clunky and rough around the edges, though it does look beautiful. It also put a lot of people off by the fact that it was very difficult to get to grips with such as the controls. But it was still one of the finest mods I've ever played.

We even have a number of maps based in the DayZ world made by the fans themselves, one of those is called Namalsk which is just brilliant. You even have breath and it looks damn cold. But back onto the Standalone information.

Rocket basically said that DayZ standalone had to be out by the end of December and that didn't happen, here he clearly explains why
Put simply, DayZ Standalone isn’t here because we had the chance to go from making a game that was just the mod improved slightly, packaged simply, and sold - to actually redeveloping the engine and making the game the way we all dreamed it could be. This blew any initial plans we had dictated to pieces.
And as for when it's coming out? Still unknown, but at least they are going to release a closed beta, which could be any day now.

The plan going forward
The plan from here is straightforward. We will be releasing a closed test imminently, during which approximately 500-1000 people will assist in ensuring our architecture is correctly functioning. This closed test will be focused purely on architecture, not the game design. Once we have confirmed fixes for issues arising from the closed test, we will then reschedule an internal date for our public release.

As for the rest of the update, you'll just have to visit the Blog website and keep it bookmarked, for we all hope that the Standalone comes out this year.

DayZ Dev Website

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