The Legend Of Amy Rose 2: Vaati's Wrath - Enjoy the sequel to the first amazing free Zelda quest!

Game Type : Action, Adventure, JRPG, RPG
Developer : EddyTheOliveira
Game Info : Thanks to EddyTheOliveira who has just informed me that the sequel to his amazing first game The Legend Of Amy Rose 1 has since been released. The previous game blew me away, and this epic Zelda quest looks to take it that step further. Welcome to The Legend Of Amy Rose 2: Vaati's Wrath, a free release spanning a possible 10-15 hours worth of game play! But it's not just the game time that this has to offer, but beautiful retro graphics, 2 Massive Overworlds, 9 Main Dungeons, 8 Side Dungeons, 7 Main Characters and much more. It's pretty damn big, and I can say you will spend those hours in complete enjoyment. So what are you waiting for, go and download it!
Release : Now, Free
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

Game Link
F&Q How to load quests

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