Dead Crusade - Aesthetic Games Inc aims to give you horror through the Medieval Ages (Kickstarter)

Aesthetic Games Inc have just announced through Kickstarter a brand new horror filled game using the Unreal 4 Engine, set in real world 14th century Europe during the Black Death pandemic. Featuring great graphics, single player, multi player and head chopping game play, this is a new take on the Zombie Apocalypse. A medieval survival horror RPG, where you travel through cities, countrysides and other interesting locations trying to stop the undead horde. If you liked Medieval Warfare and want more blood gurgling horror, then Dead Crusade is just what the doctor ordered.
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux Release : Dec 2015 Kickstarter Goal : $250,000

If chopping heads off suits your style, check out Dead Crusade on their Kickstarter page

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