Level 22: Gary's Misadventures Now Available On Steam

Independent games producer Noego's first release is now available on Steam for PC, Mac and even Linux after a successful Greenlight vote. The game is also available with Desura (PC), on Android devices and Windows Phone.
Released on May 2nd, Steam are now offering a limited time deal with fifteen percent off of the standard price until this evening.

The game is a retro-inspired comedy centering around Gary, who, as the title suggests, has many mis-adventures on his sneaky, clever journey up twenty-two floors of his work building to his office without being caught so he does not get fired after oversleeping post-drunkenness. Here is the official trailer:

So far Steam user reviews are praising the stealth mechanics, "clever" and "funny" dialogue, and also stating that it is "not too easy" and "a bit of a challenge", so it seems to have a good balance with difficulty.

The RRP on all the platforms is very low, from as small a price as £1.25 (Google Play)

The soundtrack and graphics are very retro-inspired but professional, the designers have plenty of heart and the reviews are all very positive, so not a bad start from this French-based indie games company.

I think that we definitely need to be keeping our eyes on Noego to see how they progress in the industry.

Article by Illisia Adams

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