GeneRally 2 - Top down racer through Kickstarter funding

Curious Chicken Games have just announced through a Kickstarter campaign, a top down racing game where you race at breakneck speeds around corners, avoiding either the AI or other players. And that game is GeneRally 2, a sequel to the freeware, highly-moddable top-down arcade racing game first released in 2002. The developers have mentioned that GeneRally 2 will have a track editor, an official car editor, be moddable just like the prequel and have multi player. A very early Kickstarter demo is available and the final game will released for PC,Mac & Linux : March 2015.

GeneRally 1 is available to download, free of charge here
The early Kickstarter demo is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux

The developers are aiming for a £20,000 success goal, so make sure to pledge on the Kickstarter page if the game interests you.


  1. GeneRally 1 or the Kickstarter Demo? :)

  2. The kickstart is a bad link, but I got the Grally working on my cabinet, windows 7 (",)


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