FreeOrion - Open Source Master of Orion inspired 4X strategy 0.4.4 release!

It has been a long time coming but finally we have a brand new release of FreeOrion; a turn based 4x strategy game with inspirations from Master of Orion style titles. Developed as an Open Source release, FreeOrion is currently at v0.4.4 RC2 which is nearly a year from it's previous release and according to the developer fixes nearly over 100 commits. Although FreeOrion isn't a Master of Orion beater it's looking to be far better than the spreadsheet that was Master of Orion 3, with lots of lovely battles, colonizing and researchable technology.

You can download RC2 here, although I'd recommend waiting till the end of the week as RC3 is due soon which should fix some bugs that have crept up in this release.

Developed by the FreeOrion project for PC & MAC

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