Necromonads - Defender inspired arcade shooter gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

In the early 1980's an Arcade game released by Williams Electronics was to become one of the most important titles of the golden age of video arcade games selling over 55,000 units. That game was Defender; a shooter featuring 2D graphics as you defend astronauts against wave after wave of alien enemies. Thankfully that style of gameplay isn't dead and today we now have Necromonads, a brand new Defenders style game that's currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign.

Space Colony Alert Bulletin! The Necromonads are at it again!! Colonists must in a orderly fashion proceed to the nearest shelter while the highly trained star pilot provides cover. Inspired by Williams classic "Defender" with a twist. Captured colonists become infected and spread it to others. stop the Necromonads infection invasion now!

Featuring fast paced arcade action, keyboard or joystick control, multiple enemy types and even space zombies, Necromonads is the next best thing in Defender style game play. Not only is it going through a Steam Greenlight campaign but the full game is available to buy now on IndieGameStand 

Steam Greenlight page

IndieGameStand page

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