The Deer God - Beautiful pixelated adventure now on Steam!

Crescent Moon Games have done well for themselves lately as their latest game "The Deer God" was not only a Kickstarter success, but also voted through Steam Greenlight and is now available on Steam. An adventure platform game of beautiful 3D Pixel-art you play as a Deer hunter that becomes re-incarnated as a Deer after a hunting accident now pitched in a battle for survival against the forest elements.

The Deer God features pixelated art rendered into a 3D world with full lighting, particle effects all in jaw dropping detail. But wait, there's more! Various animals to talk to, night and day system, various quests, tons of items to find and use, reincarnation into other animals, level ups, secrets, ancient puzzles, a dark storyline and an amazing soundtrack by Evan Gipson.

Become one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth. 

Available to buy now on Steam for only £5.94!



  1. There's also an Alpha build (and eventually the full game) in the crescent moon humble mobile bundle for a couple more days...

  2. Ah, cheers for the heads up


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