Serious Dave - Action packed retro inspired runner free to play!

Inspired by "Dangerous Dave" and "Ruff 'n' Tumble'" from the Amiga, but with a lot of shooting, running and platform jumping involved. 'Serious Dave' is the latest top featured release by x246h00--r5 that really grabbed our attention. Even though it is still as a work in progress title and looking fantastic for such an early release, it already features 3 levels, 5 enemy types and all the weapons and upgrades you could need.

As a constant runner game, it is probably one of the best we've played these last few years. The level design, enemy design, musical tone and a constant challenge really sets this game apart from many of the other runners we've played so far. Serious Dave will also be a completely free game, with many more features to come and will also be available for free on Android.

Available to play as an early alpha today

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