Immortal Empire - Tactical based RPG coming to Steam

Here at Indie Retro News we do like a good RPG, especially ones that involve lots of tactical based game play with plenty of fighting, skills and loot. So the recent mention of 'Immortal Empire; a great browser based multi-player game set in a fantasy universe, is coming to Steam for the PC, we were most certainly interested. With a mix of X-Com and a side order of Diablo, Immortal Empire will be significantly improved upon from the browser based offering!

Improvements such as a modern 3D engine based game, support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, a fully deferred 3d renderer, including a comprehensive level editor, animation blending, rigid body physics solver, AI navigation mesh, and developments by Jesse Attard who worked at Ubisoft, Capcom, and Digital Extremes. Immortal Empire is most definitely a game not to be missed

Features :
  • Control up to 5 immortals in a party to defeat your foes using superior tactics.
  • Level up your whole party, revealing an array of unique, devastating spells.
  • Find rare and powerful weapons and armor as you explore Alvedor.
  • Construct and customise your items with crystals that you find in your travels.

Fully multiplayer experience, you can play co-op with your friends, or battle your enemies in player versus player combat. Teamplay lets you wage epic wars for dominance in a custom, objective-based game mode. 

  • Climb a series of different ladder systems for each type of gameplay.
  • Online chat channels and messaging systems keep you in touch with your friends.
  • Play through quests co-op, or fight against other players Versus mode.
  • With regular updates, there is always something new to try out.
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