A Trip To Trumpton Remix - Aaron White's weird Amiga dance tune

Aaron White of RGDS Podcast must be on the happy stuff as he's released possibly the weirdest remix on an Amiga yet. This is the ' A Trip To Trumpton Remix ' ; a sampled Protracker module of the Urban Hype 90's dance hit 'A Trip To Trumpton '. But wait there's more, this is not just any remix, as he's also added some samples off the popular kids TV show Trumpton, with various samples from the cd audio and ran through a Microdeal Amiga sampler. So if you have an Amiga or the Emulator WinUAE you really have to listen to this to wonder if Aaron has lost his marbles!

Links : 1) Download (Select - Through Your Browser) 2) Twitter 3) Website

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