Knightmare 2 ZX - A feature packed release for the ZX Spectrum

While we wait for the great Earok Amiga CD32 release, another game which has caught my eye today is Climacus and KgMcNeil's sequel of ' Knightmare 2 ZX '. A big platformer with 9 levels, an end game boss, smooth scrolling, interesting backgrounds, masked foregrounds and tritone title music. Knightmare 2 ZX was originally developed as a competition entry for ZXDev2015, with actual development for about 5 months!

According to the developers in keeping with the original MSX game, this game too is a platformer, but otherwise deviates radically from the MSX gaming format. Their game aims to be a worthy sequel to the action orientated spirit of the previous title and unlike the previous, this version is also written specifically for the unexpanded 48k machine (ie: 48k, Beeper), so it should be compatible with just about anything.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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