Chiperia Issue #4 - Major tunes from The Chiperia Project (Amiga).

Moving away from the games and back to the music, as ' The Chiperia Project ' last month came second at the Compusphere 2015 with their fantastic chiptune album of the ' Chiperia Issue #4 ', which has a number of seriously cool tunes such as Mr.MYGG - Back to Double Zero and Wiklund - Gyroscope. Each one available to listen to via the youtube link below, or you can download the entire album as an ADF file, playable on a real Amiga. Furthermore the previous albums 1 - 3 are also available. So if one album isn't enough, you can have all four!!

So what are you waiting for Amiga owners? Head on over to their release list and download!

Links : 1) Download List

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