Super Mustache - A man with a moustache aims for a greenlight success

Here we are in 2016 and yet again another retro styled platformer is aiming for a Steam Greenlight success. This is ' Super Mustache ' by Back to Basics Gaming, a vintage pixelated platformer that stars Captain Super Mustache on a journey to save his planet Uranus. Featuring a more modern 8-bit artwork, a chippy soundtrack, 3 worlds with 15 hand crafted levels and customizable controls, Super Mustache looks like it could well be a charming experience for all ages.

As the game is already finished and if the game does get enough Steam Greenlight thumbs up, it could well be released on Steam within a few days. Going by the positive feedback so far, that looks like it might just happen!

Links :1) Steam Greenlight 2) Website

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