Game Master : R-TYPE - The hit retro shoot em up as an anime, damn is it good!

In 1987 Irem produced one of the greatest shoot em ups of our time, a shoot em up that even today is regarded as one of the best. That shoot em up was none other than R-Type! It featured many waves of enemies some of them extremely deadly, a beam weapon, power ups, great level detail (that almost feels alive), big menacing bosses and a fantastic soundtrack that you will listen to again and again. As such I myself have spent many hours playing this game, more so on the Amiga than the Amstrad. But never would I believe, that this year, thanks to a heads up by Retrotaku, and a production by Otaking77077 (Paul Johnson), there is a short but incredible anime version, which you can watch today!

This is a homage to arcade classic R-Type and 90’s anime - with each second of animation containing around 17 drawings. 17 DRAWINGS PER SECOND!  An anime although short, has high production values and would be worthy not just as episodes, but a full screen movie!

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