Papi Commando Tennis IX - Homebrew sport for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

To be honest we rarely feature Tennis games, the only ones we've featured so far is Center Court 2 on the Amiga and Novabug's recent Tennis Classics video. But today it's time for Papi Commando Tennis IX by Vetea. A rather impressive looking homebrew game set in the "Commando Universe" for the Sega Genesis and Sega Megadrive that is currently in development and freely available as a play test download.

According to Retro Video Gamer who mentioned this wip release, the latest version has received a number of updates over its original conception in July 2016. It has improved AI, improved ball physics, new screens, EUR/US configuration, new gameplay, improved P1 speed and improved scrolling. In the words of the site " Vetea is trying to make the physics of the game as realistic as possible ". So head on over to the download link below and have a sporty blast on your Sega Console

Links : 1) Download

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