Pac_Man Eat n Run - An unusual take on 1980's Pacman for the Atari 2600

One of the many different variants of the 1980's Pacman has appeared on the Atari 2600, and this one is an in-development homebrew called ' Pac_Man Eat n Run ', programmed by Lewis2907. In the original classic you took control of Pac-Man through a maze, eating all the pac-dots, avoiding ghosts or eating them with a special pick up and moving on to the next stage. Pac_Man Eat n Run however is a homage to the more varied mini table top version and adds in a much more fruity twist.

In this game you once again play as Pac-Man but this time you have to move around a difficult maze in order to collect pieces of fruit. Once all the fruit is collected you can open a wall and move on to yet another more difficult maze. What makes this game more interesting apart from the added fruity antics is the rate at which the ghosts move around and have to be avoided. So far this new entry into the Pacman line up is turning out to be pretty decent, but it's still in development so expect bugs.

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