Iridium - Unofficial fan based remake of Uridium teased as alpha footage

A long time ago Hewson Consultants made great games for old retro computers, such as the fantastic Uridium, Paradroid, Cybernoid, Exolon, Nebulus and many more were just some of the games they released. In fact during the early part of this year the team behind that famous company launched the Kickstarter campaign for ' Hyper Sentinal ' which was a high grade modern version of Uridium. It was just a shame it wasn't a success and now we are looking towards James Roberts unofficial fan based PC remake as ' Iridium ' to get our side scrolling shoot em up fix.

Currently this version of Iridium shown is an early alpha developed using C++ DX11 OGG, but from what can be seen in the footage above it does look like a damn good blast with just a hint of nostalgia :)

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