Castlevania 30th anniversary NES facelift patch by KYA released!

Have I got a retro gaming treat for you today, as kya199 has announced that the Castlevania 30th anniversary facelift patch, which graphically overhauls the classic NES game to that of the mobile version, with missing tiles taken from Vampire Killer, Castlevania Bloodlines, or touched up by kya199. Has been released in celebration of the original games release since 1986, that had you tasked with the defeating of the vampire Dracula!

Castlevania was and still is an incredible action platformer, that even today can be played via emulation or through an NES and give you hours worth of enjoyment. Now however thanks to the facelift creator, the NES version looks better than ever with gameplay intact. Do note to play the game on Windows you should load a Castlevania US ROM into a patched Nestopia UE emulator!

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