Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 - High grade Castlevania fan game made by Mig Perez and team!

Today just gets better and better as after already mentioning KYA's Castlevania 30th anniversary NES facelift patch in celebration of the original games release since 1986.  Mig Perez and team have released a new PC Castlevania fan game called 'Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2', which is not only a very graphically appealing game, it's freely available to download for Windows XP/7/8/10

Originally developed in 1986 for the NES, Castlevania by Konami, was a high grade for its time, action platformer, that had you tasked with the defeating of the vampire Dracula. It was a game that also appeared as a graphically impressive fan based game on the ZX Spectrum as Castlevania Spectral Interlude, developed by Sanchez and as a more recent NES facelift patch by KYA.

This release however which we hope stays up and doesn't get a cease and desist ( so download now ) is a freeware game built on its own engine and comprised of all new graphics, music, voice acting, and artwork. Furthermore it is a sequel to the first game of the same name released by Mig in 2013!

Links : 1) Source -Just make sure to use an adblocker as we have got reports of issues on the download site

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