The Long Reach - Horror filled Adventure on Steam today with a demo

Gamers who prefer a more horror oriented adventure will be pleased with this news, as we've recently found out the thriller horror game of ' The Long Reach ' will be released on Steam today between now and the next 5 hours, ( Depending on when you read this article ). The Long Reach is flavoured with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and a sceptical view on the human psyche. For anyone wanting to play the game early, the developers have released a small demo for you to try.

As noted via the Steam page, the is game filled with colourful characters, puzzles, and a shock of discovery drawing its inspiration from Lone Survivor and The Cave and all the classical adventures (except that The Long Reach is set in the present day). The game also features a horror-thrilled theme, a classic adventure game inventory, an original atmospheric and haunting soundtrack, characters to talk to, and of course the chance you will be running for your life!

Links : 1) Source PC/Mac/SteamOS/Linux 2) Demo

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