Ghost of a Tale - A beautiful action RPG featuring a cute mouse, now on GOG/Steam!

Something for everyone this week for both retrogamers and indie gamers alike, as now we look towards SeithCG's beautiful action RPG 'Ghost of a Tale', which has since been released on both GOG and Steam for PC. Starring a cute little mouse minstrel called Tilo, you must set out on a perilous adventure through a medieval world populated only by animals where dangers and quests await!

According to the developers Ghost of a Tale puts an emphasis on immersion and exploration featuring stealth elements, disguises, conversations with allies and enemies, and quests. You’ll be able to explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep and navigate its dangers using both stealth and nimbleness, because unlike most animals bigger than him, he isn't much of a fighter

Links : 1) GOG 2) Steam

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