PlayStation Classic 128GB Retro Console bonanza!

As someone who has an XBOX original stuffed full of awesome retro games, and an unbuilt Pi that I couldn't be bothered with, I was very excited today to hear form Aaron White that ArcadePunks has launched the big 128GB build for the PlayStation Classic. This little mini console based around the original Playstation, except with a poor game choice, subpar emulation, poor image quality, lack of enhancements and PAL. Can now be enjoyed to the max with a massive amount of supported emulation and a ton of games!

MadlittlePixel was happy to go through some of the emulation and eye popping gameplay, as he noted under his video he had taken a look at a new PlayStation Classic 128gb plug and play build which features 25+ consoles and over 7,500 games! Includes Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, Sega CD, PC Engine CD, Turbo Grafx 16 & many many more! ( Please note however we will not be linking the download or website as per copyright/legalities )

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