Arkagis Revolution - Mode 7-like shooter coming to the Sega Mega Drive

If you have a Sega Genesis or Sega Mega Drive, there's a new game coming that you might be interested in. As trawling through our twitter feeds we've come across a game called 'Arkagis Revolution ' by Sik. This game according to the press kit, is a new action game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive with mode-7 like rotation. You play as Lyn, a pilot from the rebels in the Martian nation of Arkagis, in an attempt to free Arkagis from the control of the United Space Colonies (USC).

Although an early trial build can be downloaded through the main website, and is not from the same version shown in the recent tweets. The game promises when released : Mode-7 style rotation at full framerates, cutscenes featuring voice acting, 3-button pad, 6-button pad, mouse and/or keyboard support, multiple languages, 50/60hz speed corrections and saves through a 6 digit password.

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