Star Force - An arcade port using Earok's Scorpion Engine is coming to the Amiga

The Amiga news just keeps on coming, as after already mentioning great games such as Super Cars 2 AGA, Dark Angel and Primal Blade, we now have another game to talk about called 'Star Force'. Yes indeed, this game which is a vertical-scrolling shooter released in 1984 by Tehkan or the other name as Mega Force by Video Ware. Will be coming to the Amiga as an Arcade port developed by acidbottle using Earok's excellent Scorpion Engine. Do be aware however this is the first announcement of the game, but you can view an early alpha/project gif below!

According to the Wikipedia of the game which was also released on the NES, MSX, SG-1000 and X68000. "the player pilots a starship called the Final Star, while shooting various enemies and destroying enemy structures for points. Unlike later vertical scrolling shooters, like Toaplan's Twin Cobra, the Final Star had only two levels of weapon power, and no secondary weapons like missiles and/or bombs. Each stage in the game was named after a letter of the Greek alphabet".

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