Strategy & RTS

AirMech - ACTION : RTS

Ancient War - Battle it out in this free Strategy game

A Nation of Wind - RTS/Arena Shooter hybrid

ASCII Sector - space exploration privateer/elite style

A Queen and Her Hive - Free Indie Strategy game, think "Civilization Bee"

Battle Worlds: Kronos - Turn-based strategy game & kickstarter funded is now available

Beyond Beyaan - Master of Orion 4x Strategy clone

Confederate Express - A strategy-oriented tactical RPG for the PC! (Kickstarter)

Cortex Command - [ High Quality Action , strategy ]

Death Inc - Strategy (Kickstarter)

Deep Space Settlement - Space RTS

Dungeon Colony - 2D RTS up for early alpha access!


Egyptian Settlement - A game of strategy and management (Steam Greenlight)

Endless Space - 4x4 Strategy Space Game

Gnoblins - Strategy management RPG

Galaxial - Space Strategy 

Grey Goo - Petroglyph Games announces an RTS with visuals to impress!

Heroes in the Fast Lane - A tribute to the PC classic Jones in the Fast Lane that needs your Steam Greenlight votes!

His Dark Majesty - Turn Based Strategy/RPG

HyperPath - Fast thinking strategy game, that's free!

Interplanetary - Wage wars from home planets (Steam Greenlight)

Just Tactics - 1 on 1 Turn Based Strategy

KeeperRL - Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress inspired dungeon simulator

Legions of Ashworld - Fight for dominance through a sun parched land

Lunar Colony - Build your own Colony on different Planets! (Kickstarter)

Limit Theory - The possibilities are limitless - Kick Starter

Machines at War 3 - Top quality RTS for iOS devices!

Maia + kickstarter - new space god game

Matador - Isometric vehicle action game (Steam Greenlight)

MORE + Kickstarter : 4x space strategy

Novus AEterno - A rather large MMO Strategy game! (Kickstarter)

OreSome - 2d space strategy

PeriAreion - Colony management on Steam Greenlight

PoxNora: Battlefield of the Immortals - HQ Top Down Online Strategy ( INDIE )

Predestination - 4X Space Strategy

Planetary Annihilation + KickStarter - RTS

Prison Architect - Strategy

Rebuild 2 - Zombies! Flash Browser Strategy Game

Red Shift - Space Strategy

Reprisal - inspired by Populous in your Browser

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames - RTS (Kickstarter)

Space Colony HD

Stellar Impact - a mix between DoTA, naval battles and Homeworld

Starbase Orion - 4x Space Strategy (Kickstarter)

Star Prospector - single-player sci-fi RTS

StarDrive - High Quality 4X Action Space Strategy

Starfare - Space RTS Indie

Star Command - RPG/Explore/Build

Star Lords - Iceberg Interactive next 4x space strategy game is up for early access on Steam

Starfarer - Tactical 2d Combat and Open World Game

Starship Corporation - Space/rts/strategy/Design

Sunset Over Lievnos - A stylish turn based strategy game for the iPad

The Hero Business - Help the wandering adventurers in this Free Tycoon game

Twisted Insurrection

The Battle for Wesnoth - Excellent [ Turn Based / RTS ]

TownCraft 2 : A free Minecraft AOE mix with an ounce of fun (Alpha)

Tooth and Cog - Turn Based Strategy in a SteamPunk Universe (Kickstarter)

Uplink + Darwinia

Ultimate Space Commando - An old-school turn-based strategy game that needs your votes!

Windward - Sid Meiers pirates inspired

War of the Web - Turn Based online

War for the Overworld

Warlords Battlecry II - RPG/STRATEGY

Warlords RTS - Battle it out in the fantasy world of Aldfarne (iOS/Android)

Will to Survive : RTS Survival with Z... I mean Aliens!

Worlds of Magic - A True 4X Spiritual Successor To Master of Magic?

Xenonauts - XCOM heavily-inspired project