Eye Of The Beholder 1 & 2 - PC playable Amiga Remakes/Remastered ( Dungeon Crawler RPG )

Bit of a treat for you Dungeon Crawler fans, after all the chat about Dungeon Crawler RPG's and mentioning this one over and over again like a broken record, it's time to actually post the damn game. In my opinion the EOTB series is one of the greatest rpg's ever made, and would you believe it was actually developed by Westwood? *sheds a tear*.  Released in 1991/92 it came some time after Dungeon Master but it gave us better graphics, better sounds, easier to control interface(spells) and characters you come across that push the story along.

 In EOTB 1 (eye of the beholder for short) you are hired by the lords of waterdeep to investigate an evil beneath the city, but as soon as the game begins the way out is blocked thanks to Xanathar the beholder. In EOTB 2 : The Legend of Darkmoon, your heroes having defeated the evil in 1 are having a hard earned rest and enjoying a new found fame, but not for long!. Your skills are needed once more to find out about an evil lurking in the Temple of Darkmoon while also searching for a scout that was recently sent to investigate the evil but did not return.



In both games you can chose your characters alignment and race, Neutral Good perhaps? and what type of skills they have. I recommend maxing out stats, there is also the choice to use a party from a previous saved version game EOTB 1 -> EOTB 2( I think that still works here )

Regarding the playstyle, it's the old grid based movement system of forward, forward, left, forward, right and to be able to fight or flee the character can side step to avoid enemies but be careful in some levels you can fall to the floor below. In both EOTB 1 and 2 the difficulty really intensifies as you play further through the levels and i'm not just talking about the Enemies!. Some of the puzzles are intense and there are a lot of secret buttons and riddles, push a button, hear a click, where did that door open? what did that button just do. That's the sort of puzzle that you come across. You will also note that in the game, the sound effects of the walking enemies are creepy as!, budoom budoom budoom they are getting closer and closer... do i run?... where do i hide? *OH GOD, IT'S A SPIDER*.

Here's a quick gameplay trailer from EOTB 2

You will notice a difference between 1 and 2 as the engine for the second game was highly modified to allow outdoor areas, increased interaction with areas of interest and far better role playing aspects. Although this is the Amiga version and it's playable on your PC, it would be worth looking up the AGA version which was a much higher quality game ported over to the amiga and an AutoMap!, however Winuae is really needed!. Eye of the beholder was also on the SNES,PC98,SEGA-CD and DOS but Amiga was always the best. There was also a third version but alot of people did not like it as it was not made by the same people.

Anyhoo enough of that, here are both of the versions for you to try.

Instructions : Download exe, Run exe, select the version you want and play. Press F12 in game to set up extra options. Currently does not work properly on Windows 8 but a new win 8 update is in the works, still no harm in trying.


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